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Bearing Necklace by Rivet.

$11 each | 10 or more $10 each (email us for details)

This bearing necklace is different than the rest of 'em out there! It's unique because the extra component allows the bearing to lay flat on your neck, showing the spinning balls. The bearing is also slightly smaller than a typical skate bearing so it's not quite so bulky on your neck. Many rollergirls have been asking for something smaller like this. Chain is nickel plated brass.
Bulk discounts available, get them for your whole team!
Just email us for details... 10 or more for just $10 each!

Care for your bearing necklace the same way you would your skate bearings.
Do not get it wet, remove it before bathing.
Bearing Size: 6mm inner diameter, 17mm outer diamter, 6mm height

Chain Length

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